Social Media Management

Social media marketing is one of the quickest growing platforms for your brands/ business today. The importance of using these social media platforms to promote and advertise your business is vital in today day and age. Our team has over 6 years of experience with social media giants like, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Google Business and Snapchat to name a few. Managing several accounts for our clients and our own brands we have learnt the todo’s and what not todo with social media advertising to best capture your target audiences attention. This includes recommendations for daily advertising budgets, the artwork/media used in your ads, and the text content of your ad to make sure you are getting the most out of your ads on a daily bases. Contact us for a consultation today. Lets take your business to the next level, and get the love and attraction it deserves on social media.


Building a recognisable brand is vital for a businesses longevity. Your brand says a lot about you, and is an important device to attract your target audience and visually represent your companies values. We have helped many companies build their identities in the past which then generates stronger sales and more people becoming interested in the particular brand. Often companies will also come to us for re-branding to help rebuild a companies identity if it’s in need of refurbishment, vitalisation or there’s been a change in management.

Trick Design can design your entire corporate image and ensure we equip you with the material and guidence to maintain the visual identity. Guidelines and strategies to reinforce your brand in conjunction with marketing activities.


Advertising can be achieved in so many different forms in today’s day and age, however its how you advertise and how effective your ads are that will generate a return for your business. Over the past 8 years we have worked in all forms of advertising to meet our clients briefs and make their products and services standout from the rest. We have learnt what works and what doesn’t and which ads will be best received and get you maximum return for your advertising budget. Whether it’s print, web, social, we will be able to achieve the best advertising campaign for you.


Here at Trick Design we can offer our clients a range of signage design so help with company branding and ways to drive sales. Signage typography and layout is very important to the success of it’s effectiveness. We understand the right process for each signage application whether it is a billboard, lightbox, banner, flag etc. Trick Design can maker your business stand out from the rest.


Our Trick Design marketing team can design and conceptualise campaigns for your company/ brand/ business that will drive sales and and help build identity. Working along side side some big Australian companies our marketing experience and knowledge is extensive. Our team is ready to give you our ideas and put some concepts forward to help you achieve the advertisement you deserve.